About Us

HealFast Therapy was founded because of a woman’s love for her sweet and constant companion, Katie. Betty, a widow with one grown son, lives in a rural area of Pennsylvania and Katie, a small, white maltese/bichon frise mix was the perfect companion for her. Betty took Katie everywhere and lavished attention on her at every opportunity. Katie was truly Betty’s baby. Katie

In 2008, when Katie was about 12 years old, she suffered an injury and was in pain and unable to walk or even stand. Her longtime veterinarian did many tests and could not find the source for her pain. Her blood work, x-rays, and urinalysis were all normal. In the end, the veterinarian’s diagnosis was that she must have sprained her back jumping down from the chair. Betty was intent on finding a way to quickly relieve Katie’s pain.  

Betty herself suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and had used a product her sister sent to her called ActiPatch. ActiPatch is a device that delivers PEMF (pulsed electrogmagnetic field) therapy right to the site of the pain and swelling. Because the device had helped ease pain and swelling for Betty, she decided she needed to try it on Katie. Betty fashioned a little coat with pockets to hold the devices in place. She put the coat and devices on Katie and the result was remarkable. Katie’s pain was relieved and her mobility returned. The idea of the making this wonderful product available “to those we love” was born and HealFast Therapy was formed. HealFast is manufactured by the same company as the ActiPatch device that Betty used on Katie.

Over the years, Betty was able to use HealFast to treat Katie’s pain and swelling from a sprained paw, a sore knee and in Katie’s later years the pain and stiffness from a body riddled with arthritis. 

With intermittent use of HealFast Therapy, Katie enjoyed many healthy, happy and pain-free years with Betty. Sadly, on December 10, 2012, due to her advanced age and renal failure, Katie was put to rest. Rest in Peace, Katie. You are loved and remembered and your legacy lives on in HealFast Therapy.

Inspired by Katie's story Mary Whelan and eMarkets Group, LLC, applied for the right to distribute BioElectronics breakthrough PEMF product to veterinarians and animal lovers around the world.   For more info visit our veterinarian testimonial and clinical studies pages.

eMarkets Group LLC, and HealFast Therapy

eMarkets Group, LLC was founded in 2001 as a consultancy in marketing and public relations. In 2009, eMarkets Group took on the job of developing a brand and marketing program for the veterinary application of BioElectronics Corporations breakthrough Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

PEMF technology has been a clinically recognized effective therapy for more than 60 years. The breakthough of BioElectronics Corp's technology is the miiniaturization of the electronics to allow small lightweight patches and loops to carry the healining power of big, expensive machines. The company's strategy is to sell the devices primarily through veterinarians. Veterinarians are finding HealFast to be a powerful new tool for their treatment regimines.

 eMarkets Group Team Members

personel bio picMary K. Whelan is President of eMarkets Group, LLC, a marketing and sales company. eMarkets Group provides marketing and PR consulting and is the global distributor of HealFast® Therapy, a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device, for the veterinary market. HealFast Therapy is manufactured by BioElectronics, the maker of inexpensive drug free, anti-inflammatory medical devices and patches sold under the brand names of Allay™ and ActiPatch® for retail sales and RecoveryRx for medical sales. Mrs. Whelan has served as a director of BioElectronics since April 2002. Mrs. Whelan also served as BioElectronics' Vice President of Marketing during its start-up period.

Mrs. Whelan previously was EVP at mPhase Technologies, an IPTV software and nanotechnology company. She worked more than 20 years at AT&T Corp., Lucent Technologies, Inc. and Bell Labs. During that time Mrs. Whelan successfully launched many high technology products. Mrs. Whelan served as Vice President - eBusiness at Lucent Technologies. Prior to that, Mrs. Whelan served as Lucent's Vice President - Strategic Communications and Market Operations, in which capacity she was responsible for Lucent Technologies' global marketing operations. She also had P&L responsibility for AT&T's 800 number Directory business.

personel bio picMiklos Nyary, Sales Director, is responsible for developing the veterinarian distribution channel around the world. An experienced sales person, he is setting up relationships with individual practices, clinics, equestrian centers and animal hospitals.

Miklos has five years experience as a teacher of English as a second language. He taught in Nanjing, China for five years. He has worked at Siemens, Lucent and consulted on communications skills with LG and Ericson. Miklos speaks Mandarin Chinese and German.

personel bio picNicholas Nyary, PhD, Vice President of Strategy, is responsible for international strategy. Trained as a political scientist (Columbia University, PhD.), Nick is a specialist in global education programs--conceiving and designing adult education programs and high school enrichment programs based on travel, teachers workshops, and community education.

He promoted international education programs as President of the Fund for Peace in New York and before that as Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Boston. His work consisted of organizing lecture series, conferences, film series, and television services.

His “Decisions” program produced with WGBH earned him the prestigious Peabody award. He taught at MIT, Tufts University, Northeastern, Babson College, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Centenary College. Early in his career, Nick conducted research for Henry Kissinger and Peter Drucker.