MD ActiPatch Evaluation

General Practice Evaluation by Jorn Bennedbaek, G.P. M.D.

ActiPatch™: A New Way of Treatment

Pilot investigation of 52 patients in general praxsis.

Evaluated September - October 2008

Principal Investigator: Jørn Bennedbæk, Specialist in common medicine, G.P.,M.D.

Hypothesis of treatment:

In living healthy cells the potential of the membrane potential is stable equals rest potential. The inside of the membrane is negative in relation to the outside. Most of our cells have a rest potential

In the membrane in the range about 70 mill volt.

Will it increase it is hyperpolarised, if it decreases the membrane will depolarise.

If the 70 millivolt is valued as a field over the 7 nanometer thick membrane, the strength of the field equals 10.000 volt

Changes in the environment/field has direct effect on conformation of proteins in the plasma membrane and due to this abilities of the composition of multi formations of amino acid (ref. 1) The synthesis of proteins in fibroblasts in electromagnetic fields has been investigated earlier (ref.2)

Actipatch uses the modulated radio frequencies generated electromagnetic field to induce the Low-frequent membrane stabilising pulse, with amplitude in the field of 1 kHz / 100 uV/cm. The membrane will due to this, be forced to re-establish the rest potential. The effect can be at more points. Stabilising the cell. Improvement of Cell-to-cell communication. Improvement of the neuron-transmission. The direct and indirect effect in inhibition of the inflammation process at all levels.

Duration of treatment:

The patients received instructions in use with application from bedtime until morning every day for one week. The effect had to be noted on a visual scale from 0-5, where (vs5) is maximal (start) pain and (vs0) no-¨pain. Duration of the test was 7 days.

Diagnosis and results:

3 patients with fascitis pedis. 1 pain free after 5 days, 1 after 6 days No.3 was on stage (vs1) after 7. days

7 patients with epicondylitis lateralis. 1 was free of pain day 4. 4 on day 6. 1 had only slight pain (vs2) on day 7. 1 * had no effect.

2 patients with epicondylitis medialis had no pain, whatsoever on day 6.

4 patients with tibialis anterior syndrome. 2 were free of pain after 3 days and 2 on day 5.

2 patients with Mb.Osgood-Schlatter had no effect after 7 days.

2 patients with pes anserinus tendinitis had only slight problems on day 7 dage (vs1)

3 patients with polyartrosis manuum verified also as artritis rheumatoides. 2 had no pain after 6 days. 1 had only slight problems on day 7 (vs2)

2 patients with artritis urica. On day 7 one had only slight pain (vs1) and the other had moderate pain (vs3)

8 patients with myosis lumbale et paravertebrale without referred pain or neurological deficits.

3 had no pain on day 4, 2 on day 5. 1 on day 6. and 2 had only slight problems on day 7 (vs2)

2 patients with pain one year after surgery for cervical prolaps of discus. No effect.

2 patients with pain one year after surgery for lumbal prolaps of discus .1 had moderate pain day 7 (vs2) 1 had no effect.

3 with distorsio pedis/laesio lig. Talofibulare anterior. 2 had no pain day 6. 1 had day 7 only slight problems (vs1)

8 patients with various tendinites of wrest /forehand and antebrachium (flexors and brachioradialis). 4 had no pain day 3. 1 on day 4 1 on day 5 and 1 on day 6.dag. 1 had no effect.

4 patients with tendinitis of Achilles. 3 had no pain day 5 .1 on day 6.

* Had earlier operation on pronator teres syndrome bilateralis.


AP has proved convincing effect at many conditions. There were no side-effects reported no complaints of any kind. The device is simple and easy to handle. Spontaneous remission would appear at more of the patients in this investigation, but how fast in relation to these results? 2 patients with rheumatoid arthritis concluded the relief of pain just as effective as the treatment of steroids in high-dose for short periods, but faster effect.

In this pilot project, application was only 8 hours per day. The device may and can be used 24 hours per day. Could more of the patients have effect faster or some at least have had an effect if the device were used permanently. AP has power for 720 hours.

The primary impression in effect of the treatment of patients with the diagnosis, where positive response has been notified is effect at least as effective as usually treatment, but with far faster onset of relief.

AP has cell restitution effect and more test has been started in examination of wound healing and effect on post-operations conditions (healing process, haematoma etc.) and latest in treatment of psoriasis.

6 Actipatch has been in use on more patients with ulcers of the lower limbs treated by nurses in the county.

Furthermore the joint pains of one psoriasis patient disappeared after 1 week of treatment. When stopped the joint paint went back after few days. Disappeared again with re-use of the AP for few days

More injuries from sports have been treated with AP and have proved excellent results. Many questions now and in the future will be asked in order to examine further possibilities

and effects of the AP.

Further investigation on a scientific basis has to be done to find right indications of treatment and duration of the many diseases potentially involved.


1) Suhr-Jessen, Peter (2004) Basis bog i Cellebiologi

2) McLeod,K.J., Lee,R.C., and Ehrlich, H.P.(1987) Frequency dependence of electric field modulation of protein synthesis in fibroblasts. Science 236: 1465-1469