Therapeutic Area

Effective Therapeutic Area

The device is a portable, home use, battery operated, self-tuning, pulsed, athermal short-wave diathermy device.  The circuitry consists of low voltage (3 V) digital/analog electronics that control all timing functions to produce the therapeutic RF field, where the antenna field is placed directly above the therapeutic site.  The energy output is matched to the fixed frequency of the oscillator and the capacitive coupling between the antenna and the patient.  This capacitive coupling varies between patients and body location, and allows the unit to conform easily to the treatment area.  This closed loop system of the antenna, low energy signal generator circuit, and battery power supply, transfers the RF energy to the tissue efficiently and safely. A red light indicates that the product is functioning properly with feed-back diagnostics.

Like other pulsed electromagnetic therapy devices ActiPatch Therapy functions at a frequency in the 27.1 MHz ISM band. The electromagnetic field has the (vector) form of the “near-field” produced by a loop antenna. Long-range transmission (“far-field” effect) is rendered negligible by the small antenna size, compared with one wavelength. The near field induces electric current in human tissue, oscillating at such a high frequency that it cannot be “felt” by the nervous system. The high frequency also limits penetration by way of the “skin-effect”, resulting in a “skin depth” of approximately 10 cm.

The area of coverage increases with depth and the strength of the field decreases. The effectiveness of lower energy levels can be increased with longer continuous therapy duration.

Skin 100 μV/cm
1 cm
50 μV/cm
2 cm 25 μV/cm
3 cm 10 μV/cm
4 cm 5 μV/cm

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 3 volts DC
Nominal Carrier Frequency 27.1 MHz
Pulse Frequency 1,000 per second
Pulse Duration 100 microseconds
Peak Spatial Power Density 73 microwatt/cm2
Maximum Internall Voltage 5V



Name, Model No & Size


Square Patch - Model 303

Equine, Canine & Feline
Multiple use device with an “on/off” switch

8.9 cm x 8.9 cm
(3.5 in x 3.5 in)

Large area sprains, strain, sores, surgical incisions, acute and chronic conditions

- 720 hours of use

Crescent Patch - Model 305

Equine, Canine & Feline
Multiple use device with an “on/off” switch

7.37 cm x 2.79 cm
(2.9 in x 1.1 in)

The cresent shape provides an effective focused therapeutic area

- 720 hours of use

12 cm Loop
12 cm Flex Loop - Model 307

Equine, Canine & Feline

Multiple use device with an “on/off” switch

12 cm x 5 cm flexible oval defined by the antenna

Sores, acute and chronic conditions, hoof treatments

-720 hours of use

Quick Relief Loop - Model 309

Equine, Canine & Feline
Single use device without “on/off” switch

12 cm x 5 cm flexible oval defined by the antenna

Surgical incisions, sprains, cuts and acute


- 100 hours of use