Wound Care

Healing Wounds In Humans, Dogs and Horses

Temple University researchers have completed a comprehensive study of the power of the BioElectronic's devices to heal chronic wounds in humans. The complete study is available for download as a PDF file here. The study shows how effectively the BioElectronics ActiPatch Therapy device heals chronic foot sores in diabetic patients.


In the Netherlands, Mintou, shown below left, had a badly infected sore on his head from a bee sting. After 12 days of wearing a HealFast patch, the sore was closed and healed.
Bee Sting after treatment


Dr. Skip Page, DVM, whose vet practice is in the U.S. in Arizona, used a HealFast square patch on the bad sore on a very expensive colt. As you can see on the right, the patch helped speed the healing.
knee wound