Drug-free Pain Relief for Those You Love

HealFast Therapy Stops Pain

Stop Pain and Swelling Without Side Effects

HealFast® Therapy gives the animals you love the same award-winning BioElectronic therapy used by doctors and clinics around the world to stop people’s pain.   HealFast Therapy patches and loops are drug-free RF medical devices that relieve pain and reduce swelling from cuts, sprains, sores, tendonitis and arthritis. 

HealFast devices block pain by stimulating sensor neurons and driving out surplus fluid and waste at the site of injuries to reduce swelling.   

HealFast Therapy relieves joint, muscle and tendon pain; reduces swelling and inflammation; improves mobility without side-effects; and accelerates healing of wounds, incisions and bruises.  It is portable and easy to use.

HealFast Therapy Provides Drug-free Pain Relief
HealFast Therapy Blocks Pain, Reduces Swelling and Speeds Healing Treats Tendonititis, Muscle Pain, Sprains, Sores, Arthritis & More